We offer a free class to help you explore Christianity in a safe, relaxed, and helpful way. You will learn who Jesus is, what he did, and how you can find hope by following him.

We offer classes occasionally throughout the year and throughout Tucson. Just email us and we’ll tell you about the next available class.

How It Works

Christianity is a deep faith with a rich set of doctrines and practices. Its history is complex and not always pretty, so it can be hard to get to the bottom of it all. Maybe you have questions like these:

What is the essential message of Christianity? Who is Jesus? Why should we follow him? What difference will following him make in your life? Christianity Explored guides you through these and other questions you have about Christianity. You don’t need to know anything about the Bible before you come, nor will you be required to read aloud, pray, or sing.

Email us to join or to learn about the next available class: info@covenantopctucson.org.